Tuesday, March 24, 2009


WIP. this guy is more of a hero than a villian, but the hero must slay him regardless. he is like the first failed version of the hero, prototype arm and all. he has similar abilities to manipulate magnetic fields...hes a knight..so he twists scrap metal into armor and the blade of his shattered sword. i am calling him the Minotaur for now because of his role in the story. the hero must navigate to the center of a generator (a maze-like structure) and best some opponent with untold powers. when the hero reaches the center of the maze, he faces not a monster, but a character who mirrors himself...i heard a lecture by Harvey Dinnerstein..he described the idea of the Minotaur as a conflict with yourself...so i used that idea for the knight character. is that a little convoluted?nicholas kiripolsky: concept design artist

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