Thursday, April 16, 2009

Respirator 2nd Class_WIP

for the less fortunate citizens living at a lower altitude in poorer atmoshperic conditions. they cant afford to have the latest technology, so they tweak their own packs with whatever they can salvage. the top half is composed of original components, bottom half is the adapted portion.nicholas kiripolsky: concept design artist


Quinn said...

sweet concept of the lower class not being able to afford new respirators. Maybe you could draw them so they look dingy and rusty. Or use found present day objects. Like that canister you have, could be an old fire extinguisher .

nick said...

yeah man thats my plan. im adding all the dif components with weathered finishes etc. my teach was asking me these great questions like "if they have to add a rubber hose, and the hose gets a hole, how would they repair it?" ...just ideas on how to add reality to the design.